Daily Access Fee - $25 per day, maximum $ 200/month Access (key card), gowning (gloves, wipes, frocks, shoe covers, caps), all analytical equipment not listed below, and basic laboratory chemicals and reagents (solvents, cleaning chemicals, wet etching chemicals, acids including hydrofluoric acid, DI water), available labware and dishwashing, waste containers and disposal.

Staff Time - service work and equipment training:
- Faculty of Science accounts: $60/hr.
- non-FOS academic accounts: $80/hr
- Industrial: $160/hr

1540XB SEM and FIB
- $55/hr SEM equipment charge
- $35/hr FIB surcharge in addition to SEM charges ($90/hr)

1530 SEM and E-beam Lithography - $40/hr equipment charge

SEM Introductory Training
- $100

Spectroscopic Ellipsometer
-$10/hr, $10 minimum charge

Tencor P7 profilometer
--$10/hr, $10 minimum charge

MA6 Mask Aligner
-$50/hr, $25 minimum charge

MJB3 Mask Aligner
$30/hr, $15 minimum charge

Deep Reactive Ion Etch- Alcatel - $150 for setup - $100/hr equipment charge

Reactive Ion Etch and oxygen plasma - STS - $25/hour

Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition (PECVD) - $100 per run

Metal Deposition (Standard metals)
-Osmium Coater -$10 per run
-E-beam evaporation - $50 per run (<1000 Ǻ metal ) plus $5 per 250 Ǻ (>1000 Ǻ metal )
-Surcharge for gold based on weight used and current cost per gram.
-Sputter Deposition - $25 per hour, $50 minimum

Film Spin Coating and Developing - $20 per substrate, includes cost of standard resists and developer

Oriel DUV Flood Exposure Source - $1.75 per 5 minutes OR $20 per hour

Dicing Saw - $50 for first hour, $25 each additional hour, $50 minimum