Western Nanofabrication Facility

The publications listed below describe research that has utilized the Nanofabrication Facility.


Matthew J. Coady, Nuwansiri N. K. Getangama, Aria Khalili, Michael Wood, Kent E. Nielsen, John R. de Bruyn, Jeffrey L. Hutter, Robert J. Klassen, Anne‐Marie Kietzig, and Paul J. Ragogna
Highly cross‐linked UV‐cured siloxane copolymer networks as icephobic coatings
J. Polymer Sci. 58(7) pp 1022-1029 (2020)

Dale E. Fournier, Patti K. Kiser, Ryan J. Beach, S. Jeffrey Dixon, and Cheryle A. Seguin
Dystrophic calcification and heterotopic ossification in fibrocartilaginous tissues of the spine in diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis (DISH)
Bone Research 8(1), 16 (2020)

Joe Glasing, Philip G. Jessop, Pascale Champagne, Wadood Y. Hamad, and Michael F. Cunningham
Microsuspension Polymerization of Styrene Using CelluloseNanocrystals as Pickering Emulsifiers: On the Evolution of LatexParticles
LANGMUIR, 36(3), pp. 796-809 (2020)


A. Therien, R. Hou, F. Lagugné-Labarthet
Second-Harmonic Generation from Dendritic Fractal Structures
Plasmonics 15, 507–515 (2020)
doi: 10.1007/s11468-019-01080-y

Maisaa N. Tawfeeq and Robert J. Klassen
Effect of ion implantation on the grain boundary strength of heat treated Inconel X750
J. Nucl. Mat., 516, pp. 255-263 (2019)

M.S. Kozachuk, T.K. Sham, R.R. Martin, A.J. Nelson, and I Coulthard
Eyeing the past: synchrotron µ-XANES and XRF imaging of tarnish distribution on 19th century daguerreotypes
Journal of Synchrotron Radiation. , 26(5), pp.1679-1686 (2019)


Paul Bazylewski, Sheldon Van Middelkoop, Ranjith Divigalpitiya, Giovanni Fanchini
Few-layer molybdenum disulfide nanosheets functionalized with L-cysteine for selective capture of Cd2+ ions
FlatChem 11, pp.15–23 (2018)
doi: 10.1016/j.flatc.2018.11.001

Coady, Matthew J; Wood, Michael; Wallace, Gregory Q; Nielsen, Kent E; Kietzig, Anne-Marie; Lagugné-Labarthet, François; Ragogna, Paul J
Icephobic Behavior of UV-Cured Polymer Networks Incorporated into Slippery Lubricant-Infused Porous Surfaces: Improving SLIPS Durability
ACS applied materials & interfaces. 10(3), pp.2890-2896 (2018)

J. Glasing, P.G. Jessop, P. Champagne, and M.F. Cunningham
Graft-modified cellulose nanocrystals as CO2-switchable Pickering emulsifiers
Polym.Chem., 9, 3864 (2018)

Madalena S. Kozachuk, Tsun-Kong. Sham, Ronald R. Martin, Mike Robinson, and Andrew J. Nelson
X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy in the Study of the Chemistry of a Daguerreotype Surface
HERITAGE SCIENCE (6) 12 (2018)

Madalena S. Kozachuk, Maria O.Aviles, Ronald R.Martin, Brianne Potts, Tsun-Kong Sham, and Francois Lagugne-Labarthet
Imaging the Surface of a Hand-Colored 19th Century Daguerreotype
Applied Spectroscopy, 72(8), pp. 1215-1224 (2018)


R. Manwar, Todd Simpson, Aref Bakhtazad, and S Chowdhury
Fabrication and characterization of a high frequency and high coupling coefficient CMUT array

A. Z. M. Ariful Islam and Robert J. Klassen
Effect of a Surface Constraining Layer on the Plastic Deformation of Au Microspheres
MRS Advancesa 3(8-9), pp425-430 (2017)

Ross, Matthew A. S.; Coady, Matthew J.; Guterman, Ryan; Ragogna, Paul J
Patterned Phosphonium-Functionalized Photopolymer Networks as Ceramic Precursors
Chemistry of Materials., 29(20), pp.8884-8891 (2017)

Gregory Q. Wallace, Hayden C. Foy, Scott M. Rosendahl, and François Lagugné-Labarthet
Dendritic Plasmonics for Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy
J. Phys. Chem. C, 2017, 121 (17), pp 9497–9507
doi: 10.1021/acs.jpcc.7b02039

AZM Ariful Islam and Robert J. Klassen
Kinetics of length-scale dependent plastic deformation of gold microspheres
Journal of Materials Research 2017
doi: 10.1557/jmr.2017.223

Khaled Al-Aribe and George K Knopf
Graphene doped ZnO films for photoelectrowetting on microchannels
Proc. SPIE 10061, Microfluidics, BioMEMS, and Medical Microsystems XV, 1006105 (28 February 2017)
doi: 10.1117/12.2252148

Khaled Al-Aribe and George K Knopf
Biofunctionalized Photoelectric Transducers for Sensing and Actuation SPIE Spotlight (2017)
doi: 10.1117/3.2283084


Peipei Jia, Zhaoliang Yang, Jun Yang, Heike Ebendorff-Heidepriem
Quasiperiodic nanohole arrays on optical fibres as plasmonic sensors: fabrication and sensitivity determination
ACS Sensors, in press, 2016.
doi: 10.1021/acssensors.6b00436

Mingjun Hu, Qiuquan Guo, Tengyuan Zhang, Shaolin Zhou, and Jun Yang
SU-8-induced strong bonding of Polymer Ligands to Flexible Substrates via In Situ Cross-Linked Reaction for Improved Surface Metallization and Fast Fabrication of High-Quality Flexible Circuits
ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 2016, 8(7), 4280.
doi: 10.1021/acsami.5b10406

Alexandre Garreau, Mohammadali Tabatabaei, Renjie Hou, Gregory Wallace, Peter Norton, François Lagugné-Labarthet
Probing the Plasmonic Properties of Heterometallic Nanoprisms With Near-Field Fluorescence Microscopy
Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2016, in press.
doi: 10.1021/acs.jpcc.6b06287

Gregory Q. Wallace, Mohammadali Tabatabaei, Renjie Hou, Matthew J. Coady, Peter R. Norton, Todd W. Simpson, Scott M. Rosendahl, Alexandre Merlen, and François Lagugné-Labarthet
Superimposed arrays of nanoprisms for multispectral molecular plasmonics
ACS Photonics, 2016, 3 (9), pp 1723–1732
doi: 10.1021/acsphotonics.6b00388

Jun Li, Chang-Hai Liu, Xia Li, Zhi-Qiang Wang, Yu-Cheng Shao, Sui-Dong Wang, Xue-Liang Sun, Way-Faung Pong, Jing-Hua Guo, and Tsun-Kong Sham
Unraveling the Origin of Visible Light Capture by Core–Shell TiO2 Nanotubes
Chem. Mater., 2016, 28 (12), pp 4467–4475
doi: 10.1021/acs.chemmater.6b01673

J.A. Paquette, J.B. Gilroy
Synthesis, Characterization, and Preceramic Properties of Pi-conjugated Polymers based on Ni(II) Complexes of Goedken's Macrocycle.
J. Polym. Sci., Part A: Polym. Chem. 2016,  54, In Press, 
doi: 10.1002/pola.28211

Michal M Klak; Grzegorz Zatryb; Jacek Wojcik; Jan Misiewicz; Peter Mascher; Artur Podhorodecki
Mechanism of enhanced photoluminescence of Tb ions in hydrogenated silicon rich silicon oxide films
Thin Solid Films 611, 62-67 (2016)
doi: 10.1016/j.tsf.2016.04.050

J. M. Ramírez, A. Ruiz-Caridad, J. Wojcik, A. M. Gutierrez, S. Estradé, F. Peiró, P. Sanchís, P. Mascher, and B. Garrido
Bright and tunable luminescence from Ce3+ and Tb3+ codoped SiOxNy thin films: Role of nitrogen content, annealing temperature and sample morphology
Journal of Applied Physics 119, 113108 (2016)
doi: 10.1063/1.4944433

Farshid Pashaee, Mohammadali Tabatabaei, Fabiana A. Caetano, Stephen S.G Ferguson, and François Lagugné-Labarthet
Tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy: Plasmid-Free vs. Plasmid-embedded DNA
Analyst, 2016, 141, 3251-3258.
doi: 10.1039/C6AN00350H

Renjie Hou, Vasyl Shynkar, Clément. Lafargue, Radoslaw Kolkowski, Joseph Zyss, and François Lagugné-Labarthet
Second Harmonic generation from gold meta-molecules with three-fold symmetry
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 2016, 18, 7956-7965.
doi: 10.1039/C6CP00154H

Gregory Q. Wallace, Mohammadali Tabatabaei, Mariachiara S. Zuin, Mark S. Workentin, and François Lagugné-Labarthet
A nanoaggregate-on-mirror platform for molecular and biomolecular detection by surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy
Anal. Bioanal. Chem., 2016, 408, 609-619.
doi: 10.1007/s00216-015-9142-z

Mohammadali Tabatabaei, Gregory Q. Wallace, Fabiana A. Caetano, Elizabeth R. Gillies, Stephen S.G. Ferguson, and François Lagugné-Labarthet
Controlled positioning of analytes and cells on a plasmonic platform for glycan sensing using surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy
Chemical Science, 2016, 7, 575-582.
doi: 10.1039/C5SC03332B

Carolyn C. Cadogan, Lyudmila V. Goncharova, Peter J. Simpson, Peter H. Nguyen, Zhigang Q. Wang, T.K. Sham
The influence of hydrogen passivation on the luminescence of Si quantum dots embedded in Si3Nx
Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B, 2016 34(6) p061202
doi: 10.1116/1.4963369

Z. S. Lin, Y. Huang
Tetraalkylammonium Salt/Alcohol Mixtures as Deep Eutectic Solvents for Syntheses of High-Silica Zeolites
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 2016, 224, 75-83. 
doi: 10.1016/j.micromeso.2015.11.008

Z. S. Lin, Y. Huang
Syntheses of high-silica zeolites in urea/choline chloride deep eutectic solvent
Canadian Journal of Chemistry, 2016, 94, 1-8.
doi: 10.1139/cjc-2016-0115

Balakrishnan, S., Najiminaini, M., Singh, M.R., & J.J.L. Carson
A study of angle dependent surface plasmon polaritons in nano-hole array structures
J Appl Phys 2016, 120: 034302.
doi: 10.1063/1.4958870

Pontefract A., Osinski G. R., Cockell C. S., Southam G., McCausland P. J. A., Umoh J., Holdsworth D. A.
Microbial diversity of impact-generated habitats
Astrobiology in press, 2016

Z. Dong, F. Xiao, A. Zhao, L. Liu, T.K. Sham and Y. Song,
Pressure Induced Structural Transformations of Anatase TiO2 Nanotubes Probed by Raman Spectroscopy and Synchrotron X-ray Diffraction
RSC Adv. 2016, 6, 76142 – 76150.
doi: 10.1039/C6RA15614B

F. Xiao, Z. Dong, H. Mao, J. Liu, X. Sun and Y. Song,
Morphology and Lattice Stability Dependent Performance of Nanostructured Li4Ti5O12 Probed by in situ High-Pressure Raman Spectroscopy and Synchrotron X-ray Diffraction
CrystEngComm, 2016, 18, 736 – 743.
doi: 10.1039/C5CE02301G

Heygaan Rajakumar and Robert J. Klassen
Combined Effect of Irradiation and Temperature on the Mechanical Strength of Inconel 800H and AISI 310 Alloys for In-Core Components of a Gen-IV SCWR
Journal of nuclear engineering and radiation science.. 2(2) (2016)


Moustafa, A., M. M.; Zilinskas, G. J, Gillies, E. R.
Covalent drug immobilization in poly(ester amide) nanoparticles for controlled release
Can. J. Chem. Eng., 2015
doi: 10.1002/cjce.22323

Mingjun Hu, Xiaobing Cai, Qiuquan Guo, Bin Bian, Tengyuan Zhang, and Jun Yang,
Direct Pen Writing of Adhesive Particle-Free Ultrahigh Silver Salt-Loaded Composite Ink for Stretchable Circuits
ACS Nano, 2015, 10, 396-404.
doi: 10.1021/acsnano.5b05082

Peipei Jia and Jun Yang
Universal sensitivity of propagating surface plasmon resonance in nanostructure arrays
Opt. Express, 2015,  23, 18658-18664.
doi: 10.1364/OE.23.018658

Tingjie Li, Maxim Paliy, Xiaolong Wang, Brad Kobe, W. M. Lau, Jun Yang,
Facile One-step Photolithographic Method for Engineering Hierarchically Nano/micro-structured Transparent Superamphiphobic Surfaces
ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 2015, Vol. 7 (20), 10988–10992.
doi: 10.1021/acsami.5b01926

Shaolin Zhou, MingjunHu, Qiuquan Guo, Xiaobing Cai, Xiangmin Xu and Jun Yang,
Solvent-transfer assisted photolithography of high-density and high-aspect-ratio superhydrophobic micropillars array,
J. Micromech. Microeng. 25 025005, 2015.
doi: 10.1088/0960-1317/25/2/025005

Tunable 3D plasmonic cavity nanosensors for surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy with sub-femtomolar limit of detection
Mohammadali Tabatabaei, Mohamadreza Najiminaini, Kieffer Davieau, Bozeba Kaminska, Mahi R. Singh, Jeffrey J.L. Carson, and François Lagugné-Labarthet
ACS Photonics, 2015, 2, 752-759.
doi: 10.1021/acsphotonics.5b00104

Au nanostructured surfaces for electrochemical and LSPR-based monitoring of α-synuclein- small molecule interactions
Xin R. Cheng, Gregory Q. Wallace, François Lagugné-Labarthet, and Kagan Kerman
ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 2015, 7, 4081-4088.
doi: 10.1021/am507972b

Tip-enhanced Raman Spectroscopy of few-layer graphene platelets on ultraflat gold nanoplates
Farshid Pashaee, Faranak Sharifi, Giovanni Fanchini, and François. Lagugné-Labarthet
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 2015, 17, 21315-21322.
doi: 10.1039/C4CP05252H

Nano and Micro-Pattering of Cobalt Containing Block Copolymers via Phase-separation and Lithographic Techniques
M. Hadadpour, P.J. Ragogna
J. Poly. Sci. A., 2015, 23, 2747–2754.
doi: 10.1002/pola.27745

The Formation of Gold Nanoparticles in Photopolymerized Networks
R. Guterman, E.R. Gillies, P.J. Ragogna
Can. J. Chem., 2015, 93, 126-133.
doi: 10.1139/cjc-2015-0114

Multifunctional Block Copolymer: Where Polymetallic and Polyelectrolyte Blocks Meet
M. Hadadpour, J. Gwyther, I. Manners, and P. J. Ragogna
Chem. Mater., 2015, 27, 3430–3440.
doi: 10.1021/acs.chemmater.5b00752

Kinetically Controlled Patterning of Highly Crosslinked Phosphonium Photopolymers using simple Anion Exchange
R. Guterman, E.R. Gillies, P.J. Ragogna,
Langmuir 2015, 31, 5181-5189.
doi: 10.1021/acs.langmuir.5b00235

Effect of hydrogen passivation on the photoluminescence of Tb ions in silicon rich silicon oxide films
G. Zatryb, M. Klak, J. Wojcik,  J. Misiewicz, P. Mascher, and A. Podhorodecki
Journal of Applied Physics 118, 243104 (2015)
doi: 10.1063/1.4939199

Raman scattering from confined acoustic phonons of silicon nanocrystals in silicon oxide matrix
G. Zatryb, P.R.J. Wilson,  J. Wojcik,  J. Misiewicz, P. Mascher, and A. Podhorodecki
Physical Review B 91, 235444 (2015)
doi: 10.1103/PhysRevB.91.235444

Amorphous sub-nanometer Tb-doped SiOxNy/SiO2 Superlattices for Optoelectronics
Joan Manel Ramírez, Jacek Wojcik, Yonder Berencén, Alícia Ruiz-Caridad, Sònia Estradé, Francesca Peiró, Peter Mascher, and Blas Garrido,
Nanotechnology 26, 085203, 7 pages (2015)
doi: 10.1088/0975-4484/26/8/085203

Si quantum dots in silicon nitride: Quantum confinement and defects
L.V. Goncharova, P.H. Nguyen, V.L. Karner, R. D'Ortenzio, S. Chaudhary, C.R. Mokry, P.J. Simpson
Journal of Applied Physics, 2015, 118, 224302
doi: 10.1063/1.4936369

Crystallization and catalytic properties of molecular sieve SAPO-34 by a vapor-phase transport method
L. Zhang, Y. Huang
Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2015, 3, 4522–4529.
doi: 10.1039/C4TA06775D

Metamaterial-based theoretical description of light scattering by metallic nano-hole array structures
M. R. Singh, M. Najiminaini, S. Balakrishnan, J. L. Carson J App Phys 115, 117, 184302.
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Potential for impact glass to preserve microbial metabolism
Sapers H. M., Banerjee N. R., and Osinski G. R.
Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 2015, 430, 95–104.
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Z. Dong and Y. Song,
Can. J. Chem., 2015, 93, 165-172
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High-resolution Raman imaging of bundles of single-walled carbon nanotubes by tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy
Nastaran Kazemi-Zanjani, Pierangelo Gobbo, Ziyan Zhu, Mark S. Workentin, and François Lagugné-Labarthet
Can. J. Chem. 93: 51–59 (2015)
doi: 10.1139/cjc-2014-0247


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A plasmonic optical fiber patterned by template transfer as high-performance flexible nanoprobe for real-time biosensing 
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Quantum confinement in Si and Ge nanostructures: Theory and experiment
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Nanoscale, 2015, 7, 252–260
doi: 10.1039/c4nr05094k

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doi: 10.1088/0957-4484/25/13/135601

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Mapping of microscopic strain distributions in an alloy 600 C-ring after application of hoop stresses and stress corrosion cracking
Corrosion Volume 70, Issue 1, January 2014, Pages 66-73
doi: 10.5006/1006


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